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Benefits of Private Yoga Lessons

There are many reasons that you may decide to take private yoga lessons in your own home. Perhaps you are looking to create a personalized schedule or have been advised by a physiotherapist to take up a yoga practice to facilitate healing. Private one to one yoga lessons may offer a valuable solution. No matter where you are on your path, you can begin a journey into the heart of yoga with private instructions in the comfort of your own home. Your yoga practice is very personal to you and you may wish to keep it this way. Let’s look into some situations where private one to one yoga instruction would be a perfect fit.

For the complete beginner

Understandably, a complete beginner can feel overwhelmed or intimidated by group yoga classes, and for this reason private instruction is a great place to start. Everyone is unique and requires different guidance and support in their yoga practice. If you are looking to get started and want to practice the basics in the safety of your own home then one to one lessons could be the best option.

It is advisable (if not imperative) to start your personal yoga practice with the guidance of a professional yoga instructor. This will make sure that you have the foundations of your practice firmly in place and are doing the asanas correctly (An asana is a yoga posture). Each asana is very precise and a qualified yoga instructor can gently correct your posture to make sure that you get benefit from your yoga practice and ensure that you are performing the postures safely.

Private lessons offer a space to develop strength, flexibility and confidence prior to taking part in group classes, should that be the direction that you want to take. No matter where you want to take your yoga practice, private lessons will help improve form and give you a thorough understanding of yoga.

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For the Advanced Student

Yoga classes are aimed at a general level and for this reason, exclude more complex asanas, routines or pranayama exercises that the more advanced student may wish to study. For the more advanced student, one to one lessons can offer valuable time to improve your practice. Each yoga student has different personal yoga goals, and may not be able to accomplish this without some expert private tuition.

Private lessons offer an experience to delve deep into personal goals and create a custom routine that can help develop your practice at a much more advanced level.

Private Lessons offer Flexibility

For whatever reason, it is not always possible to make it along to a local class. Perhaps your busy schedule conflicts with class times or you are not currently living close to the class of your choice. Private lessons allow you to practice at a time and place that suits you.

Draw the teacher to you

If you have limited mobility, are rehabilitating after an illness, operation or disease or suffer from anxiety. Bringing the teacher to you while you build up strength can be invaluable. This is also a great option for pre or post natal yoga students. Often a physio suggests taking up yoga, however a trip to the yoga class may be impossible for some students for whatever reason. Being able to request the yoga teacher comes to you is a really wonderful opportunity to get involved in yoga from the security of your own home.

What to expect

Relax; there is no need to get prepared in advance. Everything will be organised for you, all you need to do is wear some loose fitting sports trousers and a comfortable top. All of the equipment that you require for your yoga lesson will be provided.

The initial consultation is £75 and thereafter we can arrange a block booking where were can create a practice that will evolve with you at your own pace.

Should you wish to practice in between your lessons, then a complete personalized guide will be provided for you to follow in PDF format via email.


Private yoga classes available for

  • Pregnancy

  • Post Pregnancy

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa

  • Complete Beginner

  • Mum and Baby groups


Private One to One Classes

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Too busy for a class, need a time that suits your schedule, perhaps un-socialable hours due to work commitments or just want to learn in the comfort of your own home (or in my beautiful treatment room in the Surrey Hills)

I offer private yoga classes for beginners, Ashtanga Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Prenatal Yoga & meditation.

The first class is 90 minutes including a consultation and there after 60 minutes.

Ill bring mats and props so you can try yoga before you commit.

I offer a course package which will be specific to your needs, helping gain in fitness, flexibility, reduce anxiety/stress, aid sleep/relaxation, strength core & aid long term existing conditions such as arthritis

I am a dedicated, enthusiastic teacher, who is committed to continuous professional development & I am passionate about supporting my clients to reach their full potential






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