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Pregnancy Yoga Classes

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Safe effective classes for mums to be & their growing babies in their 2nd trimester

Adaptive classes for each individual mum according to her fitness, wellbeing, injuries or common pregnancy ailments such as back injuries or pelvic girdle pain

  • Attending a class provides a safe space for the mother to rest, relax and reconnect and meet like minded women. 

  • Asana practice stretches out achy muscles and releases tension, especially in the lower back area. 

  • Strength is increased which helps the body to carry the extra weight of the baby and possible weight gain. 

  • Helps improve lymphatic drainage and circulation. 

  • Improves sleep patterns. 

  • Prepares the mother for birth by increasing her strength, stamina, breathing, patience and acceptance. 

  • Encourages the mother to connect emotionally and mentally with herself and her baby. 

  • Allows for quicker post-natal recovery.

  • Preparing for Birth and breath work

From my 2nd trimester of pregnancy, I began taking pregnancy yoga classes

& throughly enjoyed them, while having dramatic changes in my body.

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