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Eco Luxe Yoga Mat Sundari Sunset

70.00 115.00
sunset Luxury yoga mat

Eco Luxe Yoga Mat Sundari Sunset

70.00 115.00

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Eco Luxury at its finest. A unique collaboration with Byron Bay artist Colin Heaney has produced a high functional mat with stunning artwork.  Colin was one of the first artists to work with digital printing.

A natural rubber mat with microfibre towel heat pressed on top. This allows the practitioner to have an intense practice on a work of art.

Perfect for all styles of yoga including hot yoga and Bikram.


A 4mm thick base of natural rubber is adorned with a heat pressed layer of microfibre towel. 

This mat is easy to clean.  You can simply hose down after practice and hang in the shade to dry or wash it in the machine- Cold water and gentle cycle only.

This mat weighs approximately 2 kilos

mat dimension 170x61cm

No PVC is used in this mat.  Divine Goddess are committed to natural fibre yoga mats

The Sundari Mat comes with a carry strap and a beautiful box

Colour : sunset orange


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