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Eco Luxe Yoga Mat Sundari Moonrise

70.00 115.00
moonrise luxury yoga mat

Eco Luxe Yoga Mat Sundari Moonrise

70.00 115.00

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Another beautiful piece of art from artist Colin Heaney, the Eco Luxe is made from 4mm natural rubber for durability and strength combined with a high-tech digitally-printed microfibre towel. 

The warmer you become the greater the grip provided by this mat so it's perfect for all hot yoga types and yoga in warmer climates. Easy to clean, simply hose down the mat and dry in the shade, not in the full sun. The mat is machine-washable using a cold wash with a very gentle cycle. The Eco Luxe mat is great for class and lightweight enough foreign yoga retreats.

Material: natural rubber
Dimensions: 170x61cm
Weight (approx): 2.2kg
Carry strap: yes

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