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Hatha Hotpants with Sunflower

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Hatha Hotpants with Sunflower

20.00 38.50

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Divine Goddess Hatha Hotpants are such a wonderful pair of shorts, cut longer on the inner thigh so they are extremely flattering.

Beautiful Golden sunflower print, making these hot pants unique.

Made from Rayon Lycra.  This is a mix of wood pulp and cotton which allows the fabric to have a great amount of stretch.  This allows it to be soft and strong at the same time
The fabric is weaved by hand and then dye by hand.  This takes time but is the best way to create fabric that is not only soft and strong with a great allowance of stretch but also to create original colours.

Wash in the machine on a cold wash and dont use a machine dryer to get these dry.  We believe that machine dryers shorten the life of a garment and with pants these beautiful you will surely want them to last and last.


Blue shorts are plain with no sunflower only the black has sunflower as shown on photos

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