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Corporate Yoga Courses & Classes

I offer corporate yoga classes in your office space at anytime, from a special sales meeting "Stretch-Relax-Destress Class" or a regular morning, lunchtime or after work yoga classes for mixed abilities.

i teaching is based on the fundamentals of breath, movement and meditation with a splash of fun.


Photo by ALotOfPeople/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by ALotOfPeople/iStock / Getty Images

Benefits of Yoga at work


Sitting all day in front of a computer or driving a car on business matters has a poor effect on your posture and the natural curves of the spine are lost to poor posture, tight /stiff shoulders,  Yoga lengthens the spine with gentle stretches, which feel gret an an antedote to the day of slouching and begin to improve posture.  Yoga also stretches major muscles groups and increases joint mobility to prevent joint aches and stiffness.

Health Stress, Anxiety & Immunity

Employees well-being improves through exercise & breathing techniques, yoga can improves health, reduce stress & anxiety, Relieves upper & lower back ache, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia & high blood pressure

Yoga activates your immune system, gets your blood flowing and stimulates your lymphatic system. Yoga also supports healthy bones through weight-bearing exercises.

Increased focus-By being present “in the moment” you’ll learn to control your mind so you can focus on the task at hand

After work yoga enables the employee to unwind and experience deep relaxation especially when dealing with stressful situations during the day or at home.

Customer Testimonials

BOC statement with regards to the Yoga classes


Staff member commets""

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Featured Customer

BOC The Surrey Research park Guildford Surrey

BOC have hired me to give class in the evening every week from November 2017-June 2018

In the 6 months the staff have been empowered to what they can do, given them space to unwind and to stretch out bad posture, which now has been integrated into their life (have greater awareness of good posture instead of habit)

Each week we have build on the last so everyone can find out their potential in flexibility, refine their posture, build health, repair injuries and improve well being


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